How and why I started buying bullion

I used to collect all kinds of weird stuff for that sensation the need to buy something From clothing DVD movies collecting video games to anything, I once had over 500 DVD movies in my collection. Was thinking looking at it like that’s $10,000 grand right there that I will never get back. Collecting coins in gold and silver Has served that need to buy at the same time I’m able to save without thinking about it. I’m currently going through a divorce and I sold pretty much my whole collection but lived off of it for a while because I was taking care of my autistic son and was not working at first. Now three years later I started buying an ounce or two whenever I have a chance to collect and save and to invest and preserve wealth. I have no degree work a regular job making average income now I don’t invest a lot in it but I feel I’m gonna be safe when I’m older. That’s my thoughts of why I started collecting and I’m glad I did .

Was just thinking how about pay back in the day and what the value of pay was

Was just thinking how about pay back in the day and what the value of pay was. “Union privates were paid $13 per month until after the final raise of 20 June ’64, when they got $16. In the infantry and artillery, officer was as follows at the start of the war: colonels, $212; lieutenant colonels, $181; majors, $169; captains, $115.50; first lieutenants, $105.50; and second lieutenants, $105.50” I pulled this from the Internet. So a basic soldier at $16 a month with silvers going great at the moment is $256 that 16×16 is what you made a month. In today terms that is a Third World country like Vietnam, no offense to that remark. Could you live off of that today? no but you could back then because silver was valuable and so was the silver/dallor, silver is still under priced right now and my opinion. Buy buy now

Prices are down it’s a good time to buy

Prices are down it’s a good time to buy, wanted to apologize for not writing anything for a long while for my few that maybe do read this . But I have started to buy again silver bullion, remember our money was once gold and silver and the only way to preserve your money is to buy gold and silver . Buy now and sit and wait collect an ounce a week of silver.